This is the story of Sara Onsi, the beating heart of the namesake brand, who managed to rock the female universe with her style and creativity: her success rests on her unlimited passion, painstaking care for product design, sheer devotion to her job and a good share of pragmatic sense.

The story began in Cairo, the city where Sara was born in 1988, her love for fashion grew up with her, and immediately after finishing her university studies in business,  her passion and determination to turn her life around brought her to follow her dream with great obstinacy.  She always dreamt to dress all the women in the world. She made her debut in fashion and started studying fashion design.

With her signature in every piece she crafts, from the cut that embraces the body shape with confidence, to the adornments including handmade embroidery, lace and cut-outs that are carefully crafted to achieve a strong silhouette.                                                   

In 2015 the designer opened a small atelier where she began to give shape to her ideas and fashion her first creations. In 2016 she launched her first Couture collection In New York Fashion Week, an experience to always remember, the first runway show in one of the big four.

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